Local Outreach:

We call it “Petra” (Personal Evangelism To Reach All)


Every week our Petra teams go to the streets of Bristol with a powerful gospel message of Christ which we know is a life changing message of love and hope in a world where many have lost hope and purpose of life.

Matthew 28:19          Mark 16:15          Romans 10:14

Chaplaincy: This is a 7-week training course that we run to equip people to assist with Chaplaincy care in Care Homes, Prisons, Schools, Hospitals. As a Church, we go into a number of local Care Homes giving much needed care and support sharing the love of Christ. If you would like to be a part of such a team - please do contact Rev Ken Turner on kent@carmelcentre.org


Soup Run: Every Tuesday evening our dedicated team goes with tea, coffee, soup & sandwiches .etc to feed the homeless. (Matthew 25:35)

Prison Ministry: We are serving in 4 prisons in Bristol, where we take Sunday services periodically. (Matthew 25:36)

Hamper Project: Every Christmas we fund raise and pack food hampers to give out to those throughout Bristol that are in need.

Anyone can take part in helping! If you would like to get involved, contact us at info@carmelcentre.org

Outreach Missions:

Jesus told us to go into all the world and make disciples. The 4th part of our mission at Carmel is to ‘Send to the World’, and through our Bible College we have sent many men and women back into their countries equipped to further minister the Gospel, particularly into Uganda.


We have an active mission in Uganda, supporting an orphanage set up by a former Bible College student, and Pst. Bob & Mary Baker go out to minister taking teams of faithful volunteers with them.


Pst. Ken and Claire Suckling also go out to Zambia and have set up a Hospital which we support in various ways, and our Youth are looking to continue missions to Eastern Europe. It is such an exciting ministry to be involved with, and you may find that God will put it on your heart to travel with them and spread the Gospel.