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First Time Visitors

Welcome to Carmel City Church. We’re on a journey to impact the community, nation, and world with the love of Jesus.

At Carmel, we understand that everyone has a journey to travel in order to reach their potential and fulfil their destiny.

When you are ready please let us know you are new, by introducing yourself to the greeting team and of course, do introduce yourselves to some of the leaders, we'd love to help connect you into the life of the Church more.

We desire to share the love of Jesus with you. Whether you have never heard about Jesus, or you used to attend church but you don’t anymore, or you are a Christian who is new to Carmel City Church, it doesn’t matter, we look forward to welcoming you.

Trying to find us?

We are located in Brislington, just behind the Subway Building, next to Starbucks.

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