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Life is a journey and we care about yours.

First Time Visitors

Welcome to Carmel City Church. We’re on a journey to impact the community, nation, and world with the love of Jesus.

Life is a journey, and we care about you. At Carmel, we understand that each Christian has a journey to travel in order to reach their potential and fulfill their destiny in God.

We have implemented a process within Carmel City Church that helps our members successfully navigate their Christian journey. The process happens through teams. We call these teams Share, Care, Prepare and Dare. We see this as a circle of life. Each phase of the journey progresses to the next, and it never ends, because once you have ‘dared’ you begin to share the love of Jesus once more.

The Welfare team undergird everything we do, meeting all the governmental and organisational requirements.

Each of these teams has a leader called an ‘executive’ who manages the departments within their sphere.

The first stage of your journey is Share.

We desire to share the love of Jesus with you. Whether you have never heard about Jesus, or you used to attend church but you don’t anymore, or you are a Christian who is new to Carmel City Church, it doesn’t matter, we want to share the love of Jesus with you.

Thank you for joining us, and remember to enjoy the journey!